About Us

We could write a whole story about us… but we won’t
because the most important story here, is simply U - The Customer.
For as long as YOU are satisfied with our products and service, our success will strengthen our position over the years.
We also encourage you to email us with any ideas, suggestions or offer you feel relevant to our products and service, as well as any constructive criticism for us to improve and make changes where needed in order that we excel in providing unparallel service to your total satisfaction.

Our commitment - supporting disadvantage CHILDREN
Administered by the Sisters of St.Vincent de Paul, Cairo, Egypt - St.Vincent de Paul provide care to the many children across Egypt’s cities and rural areas. Their vital presence provides support and assistance, responding to the needs and the shelter of orphans and the many disadvantage children in the following areas:
♦ Sedfa ♦ Koussieh ♦ Manshiyé = (Upper Egypt)
♦ Abou Dardar ♦ Moharrem Bé = (Alexandria)
♦ Helmieh ♦ Abassieh = (Cairo)
♦ Port Saïd = (North East from Cairo)
In support, a percentage of all product sales is donated to the cause.