About Us

We could write a whole story about us… but we won’t
because the most important story here, is simply U - The Customer.
For as long as YOU are satisfied with our products and service, our success will strengthen our position over the years.

Our commitment - supporting disadvantage CHILDREN
Administered by the Sisters of St.Vincent de Paul, Cairo, Egypt - St.Vincent de Paul provide care to the many children across Egypt’s cities & rural areas. Their vital presence provides support & assistance, responding to the needs & the shelter of orphans & disadvantage children in the following areas:
♦ Sedfa ♦ Koussieh ♦ Manshiyé = (Upper Egypt)
♦ Abou Dardar ♦ Moharrem Bé = (Alexandria)
♦ Helmieh ♦ Abassieh = (Cairo)
♦ Port Saïd = (North East from Cairo)
In support, a percentage of all product sales is donated to the cause.