Black and White Photos

2 pages of assorted Black and White Photos taken by prominent photographers from a by-gone era; 1890-1940
Photos mounted on black mat board, and ready to frame. All (one size) 20 x 25 cm - and it’s FREE DELIVERY
Currency in Australian Dollars (AUD $)

BW Art Fruit Market
BW Art Ahwa Baladi
BW Art Coptic Princess
BW Art El Ahwa
BW Art Fetching Water
BW Art Friendship
BW Art Homebound
BW Art Innocence
BW Art Kharoob Street Vendor
BW Art Kharoob Vendor
BW Art Loading of the Donkey
BW Art Lone Rider
BW Art Mother and Son
BW Art Nadi Mohamed
BW Art Native Woman
BW Art Shoeshine Boys
BW Art Smiling Zahra
BW Art Street Barber
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