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Did you know? Copper is known as being the 'Fountain of Youth'. Copper jewellery worn directly on skin has been used for a hundred years or more as a remedy for many ailments, including arthritis. Now, copper bracelets to ease joint and arthritis pain are ubiquitous in health food stores, pharmacies, health magazines and catalogues. With the understanding that 'copper deficiency' can result in gray hair, skin wrinkles, crow's feet, varicose veins and saggy skin, copper has recently been touted as a "Fountain of Youth" for its ability to improve the elastic fiber in skin, increase skin flexibility and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment. It has even been said to be able to return gray hair back to its natural colour.

As modern researches continue to investigate the role of copper in the functioning of the human body, the efficacy of copper as a trace element critical to human health and wellness is slowly but surely being discovered... or shall we say rediscovered, since the incredible healing properties of copper have been understood and used throughout human history.

Copper is one of the rarer metals. It also has a high demand making its price even higher. To give you an example, copper is so expensive that companies are taking the wiring from old buildings and houses and melting it to get copper cheaper, but the operation is quite expensive to run. Copper is very valuable as a conductor of electricity, and with the need for electricity constantly growing, it's only natural that price goes up because demand is increasing on a widely sought after item. Basically, the need and desire for copper has risen drastically, much faster than copper production can match, so we have essentially entered a copper shortage (demand is greater than supply). This causes the price to go through the roof. But at the same time, it's scarce because there are only a few places where it can be mined (relative to iron) and it's difficult to refine. I wish copper was cheaper too, but things are what they are. Now, just buy the item, LOL… it’s valuable.

Copper Bracelet 2 Spiral Pegs
Copper Bracelet 3 Spirals
Copper Bracelet Ankh Plain
Copper Bracelet Ankh Symbols
Copper Bracelet Butterfly
Copper Bracelet Circles of Life
Copper Bracelet Cobra
Copper Bracelet Desert Star
Copper Bracelet Duo Horus
Copper Bracelet Elite Horus
Copper Bracelet Elite Isis
Copper Bracelet Encounter
Copper Bracelet Ezzaay Anssack
Copper Bracelet Hieroglyph
Copper Bracelet Horus Ankh
Copper Bracelet Horus Tips
Copper Bracelet Lotus in Bloom
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