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Prediction - Divination - Destiny - Spiritual Healing - Clearing - Exorcism

Guidance - Direction - Resolution
• career • finance • love/relationship • partner/character insight • home, family/children • general issues
• dream interpretation • self esteem/personal development insight • people skill/diplomacy • motivation/success

To Inspire - To Empower - To Enlighten
Joseph will address your questions or concerns during a phone reading.
Joseph does not need to be physically with you when consulting as he connects with your energy (higher-self).
There is no time or space when working multidimensional.

Currency in Australian Dollars ($ AUD)

10 minutes - enough time for an insight / outcome
20 minutes - ample time to cover issues of concern
30 minutes - outcome / resolution on multiple issues / questions

Psychic Reading available 7 days, between (10 am - 10 pm) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney)

Australian/Local clients
Joseph will call you back on your mobile or landline - just provide your contact number.
1 - book and pre-pay online to schedule a consultation for Joseph to call you.
2 - you can also text/call directly 0411 857 770 to request a reading - you can pay over the phone.
All Credit / Debit cards and American Express card accepted.

International callers (worldwide clients) - calls via (Viber or What’s App)
1 - book and pre-pay online to schedule a consultation
2 - nominate your choice of communication (viber or what’s app)
3 - provide your contact number (with country code pre-fix, and area code) etc.
4 - don’t forget to include +(61) 411 857 770 (psychic reading) in your mobile phone contacts - to accept Joseph’s call

‘Viber’ and ‘What’s App’ are FREE Apps. Calls (to and from) these ‘apps’, are totally FREE worldwide
Anyone can download them - if you are unsure how to download? Ask a friend or a mobile agent/shop to assist you.

Other Spiritual Services Provided
♦ Spiritual Healing: restoring balance and accord to mind, body and soul and rebirth of emotional strength.
♦ Spiritual Clearing: home / business clearing - dispensing of all types of negative and dark energies which suppress the successful flow of positive energies and prosperous outcomes.
♦ Spiritual Exorcism: negate negative forces and dark spirit energy/entity influencing character, behaviour, attitude and conflicting polarities in individuals.

Rates for the above services, on application - (email us)
(applicable only to clients within Australia) - conditions apply

White Aura ‘general meaning’
♦ A white aura signifies a pure state of light.
♦ It means that there’s balance and harmony in your life.
♦ It’s also a sign that there are high energy forms present in your life.
♦ It symbolises purity, honesty and truth as well as wholeness and holiness.
♦ On a spiritual level, it signifies enlightenment.
♦ It’s also symbolic of anything that’s good, beautiful, perfect and godly.
♦ When you possess a white aura, you are exceptionally gifted with sensitivity, intuitiveness and psychic abilities.
♦ You can connect to angels and spirit guides and you have a very developed spirituality.

About Joseph
Joseph is a natural born gifted psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual healer and insightful tarot reader with over 50 years of experience in the Spiritual domain. Joseph is a professional member of both; the (A.P.A) Australian Psychics Association, and the (I.P.A) International Psychics Association and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics (operating with the mysteries, transmitting metaphysical truth and relevant spiritual and philosophical principles). Joseph interprets dreams and tarot cards as a total story, just as the (Biblical Joseph) interpreted dreams.

Being multilingual and fluent in four (4) languages, Joseph actively engages in consulting local and international clients to take a positive stand in their lives, and through his work he has helped many people regain a sense of balance, stability and control over their lives. Joseph is a person that provides clarity, honesty and compassionate guidance, as well as having a nouse for self-understanding and the nature of human personality. Joseph symbolically uses tarot cards and divination as a medium (vehicle) to give outcomes and unfolding time-frames, and to guide you on the right path to find the right solutions and best results.

Joseph provides insights and guidance on love and relationship with such empowering delivery on how to successfully handle, treat and deal with partners, children, friends, and work colleagues, how to eliminate barriers and resolve conflicts to achieve harmony and understanding in your environment leading to peace and happiness, this includes insight on self-esteem and personal development to elevate your spirit and install total confidence, pride and belief in the-self.

Joseph's credo is that unless one is blessed with (innate) spiritual gifts and symbolically connected to the Divine’s light of love, in other words; being pure in heart and mind as that of a child, one cannot truly dwell into the spiritual realm. Don't fool yourself; these fundamental innate gifts cannot simply be acquired through a process of learning or reading books about spirituality, just like being an 'Academic' through studies, does not necessarily make you a 'Genius' who’s naturally born with such an innate gift.

TALENTS are inherited, developed and expected by so many and can be used selfishly for personal gratification.
GIFTS are received, matured, surprising and possessed by the few and used in good faith only to serve.

Featured above: Joseph’s (White Aura photo)

Readings are for entertainment purpose.

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