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The OLLA - (Koko) Made in Egypt
Terracotta artistic pottery - quality handcrafted sculpture made in earthenware

Top neck opening = 7 cm
Height = 22 cm
Width diameter = 14 cm
Base diameter = 6 cm

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An authentic Egyptian ICON of 'natural' refrigeration for (cooling water).
The humble 'Olla' dates as far back as one can think. The traditional CLAY water container named (Olla) delivers ice/cool water within 15 minutes and naturally of course. You will find Ollas throughout the entire Egyptian Nation everywhere, matter of fact, it’s a common site in Egypt to see Ollas placed in open boxes on the ground outside shops; this offers water to the poor and thirsty passengers wanting to quench their thirst, quite a thoughtful gesture indeed. To this very day, the humble Ollas play a major role in many Egyptian villages being the only means of cooling water.

Normally the olla is placed-sit on a base, small plate or saucer to contain the few drops of evaporating water sipping from the olla’s clay pores, and the top opening is covered with either a saucer or any piece of material to keep dust and flies at bay. Simply fill it with water and voila, cool as ice in matter of minutes and what a taste, not to mention the gargling sound effect it makes when pouring the water. You’ll love it.

Traditional Use
Hold the Olla’s neck with one hand and the base with the other hand - tilt your head back and lift the Olla up above your mouth about 10 cm or more, with your mouth open, tip the water down into your mouth. Practice… you’ll get better with the frequency of use and do not worry, the water comes down slowly through the opening top neck holes, hence the great sound effect of gargling.

Before Use
1 - Fill half the olla with water and give it a good shake to rinse - empty the water and repeat this action (3) times.
2 - Then fill it with water to the very top, and leave the filled Olla as is for 24 hours.
3 - The next day, empty the olla and rinse again few times (as in no.1 above).
4 - Now fill up the Ola to any level you want, but just below the opening top neck holes, and within 15 minutes it is ready to drink from, enjoy.

The Olla can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, can be placed in the sun or in the shade; on a window seam, balcony corner, or patio. Rest assured; sunny day or not, it won’t matter, as the Olla will always deliver cool, icy water. Enjoy.

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