Silver Pendant - Ankh Crown Chakra

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THE ANKH CROWN CHAKRA - Hand-crafted in Egypt
Inspired by the iconic Key of Life, or Crux Ansata

Adorned with a colourful aquamarine inlaid, symbol of 'water of the sea', or 'admiration' – Ankh pendant on a stylish solid silver chain.

Total silver weight = 4.7 g
Chain length = 49 cm
Pendant (Ankh) size = height 3 cm - width 1 cm

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The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art, often at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy; this is thought to symbolise the act of conception. Additionally, an ankh was often carried by Egyptians as an amulet, either alone, or in connection with two other hieroglyphs that mean "strength" and "health". Mirrors of beaten metal were also often made in the shape of an ankh, either for decorative reasons or to symbolize a perceived view into another world.

It is by Egyptologists called the 'Symbol of Life'. It is also called the "Handled Cross", or 'Crux Ansata'. It represents the male triad and the female unit, under a decent form. There are few symbols more commonly met with in Egyptian art. In some remarkable sculptures, where the sun's rays are represented as terminating in hands, the offerings which these bring are many a crux ansata, emblematic of the truth that a fruitful union is a gift from the deity.

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