Silver Bracelet - Deneb

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DENEB - Egyptian made solid silver bracelet

Handcrafted to perfection with (Vinca Flowers) design/pattern - see symbolic meaning further below
A beautiful and unique feminine solid silver bracelet
Total silver weight: 18.2 g
1 cm wide
6 cm diameter Ø
Adjustable, fits most

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Symbolic Meaning of the Vinca flower: The Vinca flower symbolises benevolence, nostalgia, strength and purity. The plant was also a religious symbol in the middle ages, tied to the Virgin Mary. This small flower might seem gentle and fragile, but it is actually quite strong and holds a great symbolic value behind it, achieving your dreams and great things in life.

About the Vinca flower: also known as periwinkle, is a ground cover that produces glossy, dark green leaves and blue or white flowers in early spring. Vinca flowers have a bloom in a soft purple colour with what is known as a “white eye,” that is a white or yellow centre amidst 5 petals. They prefer full sun and do well even on the hottest days of summer. Vinca flowers can stand upright or can be trailing flowers, often preferred to spill out of a hanging basket or potted container. They require little maintenance.

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