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Chaussettes St. Denis - en soie, super fine, pour Homme et Femme

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NOTE: minimum purchase is three (3) pairs.
In the quantity box (Qty) - put the number of socks you require.
If various colours are required, then in the (colours) box, click on (I will email my choice of colours)
and list them in the instructions order form or send an email. Example: 4 black, 2 navy blue, 3 dark grey, etc.

Order (6) pairs: get (1) extra FREE = 7 pairs
Order (12) pairs: get (2) extra FREE = 14 pairs

Silk is a natural fibre, naturally insulating - softness, comfort and durability
Silk Socks are naturally (cool) in Summer and (warm) in Winter, so you can wear them all year-round
Silk Socks are perfect for all feet, men and women would simply love them
Silk Socks are great to wear with any shoes, especially boots (won’t bulge in women's boots)
Silk Socks are great for skiers as a soft, extra layer under heavy/itchy socks, and you won't (feel cold)
Silk Socks, ideal for sensitive feet since silk is a (hypoallergenic) fibre, great for any outdoor activity (no sweat)
Silk Socks stay fresh and odour-free, it allows air in and body moisture out keeping your feet cool and dry
Silk being a natural fibre will keep you grounded at all times, this reduces the level of anxiety
Silk Socks are not slippery (as some would think), not to be mistaken for satin, a slippery material
BEST to wash them prior to wear

FREE DELIVERY anywhere, worldwide

Men and Women sizes: fits (8 to 12) = (41 to 46)
Heel to calf length = 30 cm

COLOURS: silver grey - dark grey - navy blue - black - chocolate brown - natural - light green

CARE Directions
• Wash your new socks before use
• Hand Wash - hang, or lay flat in the (shade) to dry
• Machine Wash on (delicate cycle) - MUST place socks in (delicates) washing BAG or wash separately
DO NOT tumble dry - Never

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